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Springville, AL

Springville, AL

In December 2022, Mach-1 jetted into Springville, AL with our first acquisition! Not only did we acquire a great location next to Wal Mart, we also acquired an amazing team and awesome customer base! We are currently in the process of updating our signage and equipment, so be sure to check us out over the next few months to see what new changes have occurred!

The Works $20 per single wash/$40 monthly unlimited plan

The Deluxe $16 per single wash/$33 monthly unlimited plan

The Plus $12 per single wash/$27 monthly unlimited plan

The Classic $8 per single wash/ $20 monthly unlimited plan

You can find us next to Walmart and infront of Zaxby’s!

About our Manager

Ricky joined our Springville team in October of 2023 after reevaluating his goals for his professional career. He wanted a position that allowed his hands-on expertise to be combined with critical thinking, planning, and coaching (aka the perfect combination of express car wash manager!)

When asked about his favorite part of his day at work, Ricky said, “I get here (to the wash) 30 or 45 minutes before everyone else, and it gives me time to make a plan for the day, prepare for the customers, and set myself and everyone else up for success.” Our Springville team has set their bar for success at nothing less than excellent, and you can tell that the time he puts in early each day pays off! With a management style described as firm, fair, and consistent, Ricky knows how to lead a team toward their goals.

Ricky is an avid nature lover and an active volunteer in his community and beyond. In his spare time, you can typically find him in Atlanta visiting his brother and volunteering with the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, in North Dakota visiting his sister who is a Park Ranger, restoring his turn of the 20th-century house to its glory days, or working with reptiles.

Ricky’s passions lie with reptiles and plants. With a growing reptile collection and active involvement in online and in-person support groups, Ricky dedicates a significant part of his life outside of work to caring for, conserving, and educating others about reptiles.

When asked about his personal philosophy, he quoted C.V. Wedgewood saying he wants to know everything about something and something about everything. If you know Ricky personally, this quote makes complete sense!

Mach-1 is ecstatic to have such a passionate, dedicated person on our team! When we think of what it takes to be a great car wash manager, Ricky has it all!

Learn more about Mach-1 and jump start your career with us.

Learn more about Mach-1 and jump start your career with us.