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Gardendale #2

Gardendale, AL

Gardendale #2 was purchased from Raindrop Car Wash on April 1, 2023. This location has been open since 2009 and needs a little TLC, that’s why it is TEMPORARILY CLOSED until we can complete our major renovations – including all new equipment and other enhancements! Now no matter which direction you’re coming from in Gardendale, you’ll have a Mach-1 on either side of the road!

Mach-1 $25 per single wash/$40 monthly unlimited plan

Mach-2 $20 per single wash/$35 monthly unlimited plan

Mach-3 $15 per single wash/$30 monthly unlimited plan

Mach-4 $10 per single wash/ $25 monthly unlimited plan

About our Manager

Eric initially joined our Pennsauken, NJ location as a Customer Service Attendant and quickly climbed the ladder to become one of our star managers! Eric wanted to move back to his roots in Alabama, so he transferred to Gardendale to oversee our two conveniently located locations! One of Eric’s favorite things about working for Mach-1 is seeing the satisfying results when a dirty vehicle comes through the wash and comes out of our tunnel like new! When he’s not a Mach-1, you can find Eric watching movies or riding his motorcycle (just not at the same time.)

Learn more about Mach-1 and jump start your career with us.

Learn more about Mach-1 and jump start your career with us.